Pick-to-Light System

Pick-to-Light systems are one of the most productive and accurate order filling solutions for individual item selection, providing users with increased productivity and accuracy, while reducing costs throughout the order filling process. Because this system is easy to use, productivity gains are obtainable immediately. The bright and easy-to-see lights, or displays, quickly direct the order filler to the right pick locations and indicate the required pick quantities. The order filler is not hindered by a pick list or pencil. Pick-to-Light systems offer considerable flexibility. They can be easily reconfigured to handle changes in order selection requirements.

Pick-to-Light systems can be installed on most rack or shelving and come in a wide selection of hardware and software configurations, providing the right solution to meet specific order filling needs. Pick-to-Light systems support operations with or without bar codes, tethered or RF (Radio Frequency) scanning, as well as multiple forms of display hardware.

In addition, Pick-to-Pight systems can be configured for filling multiple orders simultaneously. In situations where order fillers are assigned to large zones, this option increases productivity by minimizing walk time.

Put-to-Light System

Put-to-Light technology is similar to Pick-to-Light, but in reverse. In this type of order processing, each shelf or storage location is assigned to an individual order. Items are pulled from other storage areas as batch picks and placed into totes. The totes then travel to the carousel or racks and are scanned upon arrival. This notifies the WMS (Warehouse Management System) that the pulled SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is available for assignment. The WMS next illuminates lights and quantity indicators adjacent to each of the order accumulation shelves that require the SKU. The worker simply pulls items from the tote and puts them into the designated locations.