Products - Order Management

The Direct ConneX Scheduler system is an order management suite that provides a way for preparing orders to be picked. Since each system is different, the Scheduler can be configured with only the services required to integrate with your existing ERP/WMS systems. We can configure the Scheduler with the following functionality:

  • Allocation Management: as new orders are downloaded into the Scheduler, the Allocation service will analyze the order and allocate products from pick locations to each order line based upon a set of configurable rules.
  • Batch Management: orders are also analyzed to determine if certain groups of orders would work better to be picked in batch or in a cluster.
  • Cubing: once orders have been allocated, the Cubing service will determine which shipping container or containers need to be used for each order. Our cubing algorithm is configurable and very powerful. We feel that cubing is much more than just volume calculations. We do full rotation collision detection on each item as well as taking into consideration nestable items and multiples for handling odd shaped items. We will also take into consideration much more advanced options such as DIM weights in order to improve shipping costs as well as pick zones to reduce the number of divert points a container needs to be routed too. All of this functionality is backed up by a full 3D graphics Add-On allowing the operators to see exactly what is going on.
  • Waving: once orders have been allocated and cubed, they can be grouped together in waves. Our waving system will group containers together by Master wave and Waves based upon a set of configurable rules. This extremely flexible approach allows our system to run in full automatic mode, reducing the need for operators to have to manually create waves, even though they still can if they need to.
  • Workload Balancing: once waves have been created, the system will analyze the available waves and the current workload on the system, and will determine which waves to release waves in an organized manner as to not overwhelm any given picking location.