Products - Monitor

The Direct ConneX System Monitor provides an interactive graphical display of the system, current container information, current system status, and access to some of the System Commander’s functionality after proper authentication. The DCX System Monitor obtains all real time system information from the DCX System Commander/database and is therefore dependant upon the installation of the 4 Walls System Commander.

As system events occur, the System Monitor will change the status and color of the conveyor in question and present that data both in the main 3D graphic, but also in a drop down list as well.


  • Real-time communication to the System Commander for system updates
  • System Commander functionality such as re-assigning lanes and alternate destinations.
  • Preset and save various system views
  • Auto-zoom to alarm location upon selection
  • Scanner overview
  • Container overview
  • Container details
  • Container locator
  • And even more...