Products - Inventory Control

The Direct ConneX Locator system is a many-to-many inventory management software suite that allows the receiving, slotting, replenishment, and management of any number of items to any number of storage locations.

Functionality and Add-ons

Ability to interface to ERP/WMS and control systems in many different methodologies and technologies such as but not limited to:

  • Full desktop functionality as well as numerous wireless hand-held applications and Windows server services.
  • ERP/WMS updates such as order allocation, picking results, shipping confirmations, and end-of-day item counts.
  • Full control of your system through Location Setup and Slotting, Selection Area, and Putaway Areas.
  • Cycle Counting - setup count plans using various methods and sizes such as by location, by pick velocity, item times, or even just random.
  • Physical Inventory for scheduled full system audits
  • Inventory control through Inventory Adjustment, Forced Move, automatic or manual Replenishment, and more.
  • Many customizable Reports using the power of Crystal Reports.
  • Full control of your operations through System Settings.
  • And even more...