Products - Core Modules

Quality, Stability, Compatibility and Flexibility

Each product developed in the Direct ConneX software suite is created with the methodology of standardization and expandability. Our core modules are designed to provide a proven, stable platform on which customer specific interfaces, Add-Ons, and graphics can be quickly added. All of our products are developed for the Microsoft platform which so many users and IT professionals are familiar with. In addition, each 4Walls system integrates seamlessly with existing ERP/WMS systems and material handling controls systems.

Though each system has the flexibility of mixing and matching Add-Ons, the core modules provide the following functionality across all systems:

  • Add-On Launcher - standard GUI interface for all Add-Ons
  • User Maintenance - add users and groups and control who has access to what Add-Ons.
  • Log Viewer - all Services, Add-Ons, and Mobile apps log all transactions to a log which can be viewed, filtered, and searched from one location.
  • Service Manager - allows users to start and stop various modules running on the server.
  • Ability to interface to ERP/WMS and control systems in many different methodologies and technologies such as but not limited to: fixed length flat-files, de-limited files, XML, etc. via file transfer, FTP, TCP/IP sockets, database transfers, MessageQueues, WebServices, etc.